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5 Walk-In Shower Ideas

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1. Glass-enclosed shower.

If you want to create a seamless transition between the shower area and the rest of the bathroom, transparent glass is the perfect materials to help you with that. In this example the shower is encased in floor-to-ceiling glass panels. Inside there’s a bench and small, practical shelves mounted on the wall. The oversized showerhead is an interesting statement element.

2. Light-filled shower.

A window in the bathroom, regardless of its dimensions, can make a huge difference. It’s an especially beautiful addition in the shower. The sensation that you get when you see and feel the light embrace you is unique. Of course, a skylight would be even better. The shower will be bathed in natural light and will have an almost divine look. The decorations you choose for this space can also make a big difference.

3. Shower and steam room in one space.

A designer shower enclosures walk-in and a steam generator can be combined to create your very own steam room. It’s a simple way of making your own spa. The amenities are critical is this case. It would be wise to include a small window that can be opened when you use the shower alone to let the air circulate. You’ll be able to use this space both as a regular shower and a steam room and you can enjoy relaxing moments right there in your own home.

4. Small shower unit.

If you have a small bathroom you can still have the walk-in shower you wanted without sacrificing too much space. It would simply be a smaller version of the ones presented previously. To avoid making the bathroom feel cramped you can opt for simple lines and materials such as glass that would ensure a seamless transition. In this case, the frameless shower door was a clever choice.

5. Private spa.

If you have the space and resources, you can take these ideas one step further and create your own spa. In this example we have a beautiful and spacious spa-like shower with a limestone bench and white and black mosaic tiles. A wall niche ensures the storage space needed for the usual products used in the shower and a large window lets in lots of natural light.


Since walk-in showers are made entirely of glass, this means that the continuous design, without moving parts, presents fewer chances for anything to break. In other words, the fewer the pieces the safer the whole. Another major advantage that comes with having a walk-in shower is the fact that it’s easier to clean. Since it’s made of glass, there are no metal pieces that need to be constantly cleaned. Moreover, there are fewer areas and corners where water can gather and fewer places where dirt and grime can gather. There is also another great advantage and this one has to do with the overall design and décor of your bathroom. Given the fact that the walk-in shower is made of glass, without rails and sometimes with a frameless look, this means that there are no elements that will distract the attention from the décor. It would be like a transparent feature.


The main disadvantage of having a walk-in shower would have to be related to slip hazard. In other words, since it’s an open shower, water comes out and gathers on the floor and this means you can slip and get hurt when you get out of the shower. Also related to the fact that it’s an open shower is the fact that hot air is free to circulate into the bathroom and thus you’ll have a less relaxing atmosphere when you’re showering. All the hot air will also create humidity into the whole bathroom and this is something to take into consideration. Of course, there is also the issue related to price. Walk-in shower doors are much more expensive than the ones with regular, traditional designs. So in case you’ll ever have to replace it, you’ll probably wish then that you have chosen a regular shower. 

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