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Almost every type of siding on the market tries to imitate the look of real wood.  Why?  Because real wood has a timeless classic look that simply makes humans feel secure and grounded.  It is almost as if the look, the feel, even the smell of real wood is somehow imprinted on human DNA.  Humans simply respond well to wood.  So perhaps it would be a good idea to skip all the make-believe wannabes and stick with the real thing.

Real wood siding comes in a wide variety of wood types and styles, enough to fill the needs of virtually any homeowner.  Some of the styles available in wood include hand-cut shakes, machine-cut shingles, clapboard and solid wood, plus many other choices.  Cedar and redwood are common woods when it comes to choosing a wood for siding, because these types of wood are decay-resistant but many other woods can also be used if a certain look is desired. Wood cladding is available in both horizontal and vertical styles, ready to accommodate virtually any home remodeling plan.  The choice of wood, the style and the color can all be combined in an almost endless array to create a plethora of siding choices for the discriminating homeowner.

A more practical advantage is that wood is readily available and can be installed quickly.  Virtually any competent siding installer can install wood as siding.  Wood is so easy to install that many homeowners, with only a modicum of carpentry skills, are able to install their own wood siding, saving both time as well as money.

Another advantage that should not be minimized is that siding made of wood is easily replaced should it become damaged.  Many types of siding make small replacements difficult if not virtually impossible.  With wood siding, however, parts can be quickly and easily removed and replaced.  In many cases the homeowner can take care of repairs without needing to pay experts, saving the homeowner both time and money.

On a slightly different angle, wood is the ultimate choice for any homeowner struggling to go “green.”  What could be more ecologically sound than renewable wood?  Wood is the very definition of biodegradable. Wood never has to go into landfill but even if it does, it decays into a compost-like substance over time, making it one of the most ecologically friendly types of siding imaginable.