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Casement Windows

The darlings of mid 20th century design, casement windows are composed of a single sash that’s hinged and cranks open and shut.

Casements have the hinge on the left or right; an awning window is a casement set on its side, with the hinge at the top.

Because the two are virtually identical in construction, the following information applies to both.

  • Architecture: These custom replacement windows are popular choices for a wide variety of home styles but are particularly well suited to contemporary, modern and ranch homes. Casements are best in spaces that allow for the window to be more than twice as tall as it is wide; awnings, as a rule, are wider than they are tall.
  • Exterior features: Because awning and casement windows crank out, they aren’t the best choice where trees or shrubs could block the windows from opening. They also should be avoided for exterior areas like decks, walkways and porches where they could impede pedestrian traffic.
  • Interior placement: This type of window, which is controlled by a stationary crank, is a great choice for locations over cabinets, sinks and other features that can interfere with the homeowner’s ability to open or shut the window.
  • View: The single sash provides an unobstructed view of the outdoors.
  • Ventilation: Casements provide wide-open ventilation from top to bottom yet offer a great deal of flexibility over the amount of airflow, thanks to the crank control. Awnings, which also allow for superior ventilation, offer the additional advantage of preventing rain from entering your home.

Verdict: Compared to double hung models, these custom replacement windows provide greater ventilation and more unobstructed views but also offer less flexibility in exterior placement. Casement windows from ProVia pair design and function perfectly and enhance beauty and energy efficiency.