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You can tell a window is energy-star rated by the sticker that is placed on the window itself. The sticker shows four different components that need to be present in order for the window to be considered energy-star rated and energy-efficient. 

U-factor, solar heat gain coefficient, visible transmittance and air leakage are all important parts of an energy-star rated window.  

Benefits of Energy Star Windows

While there are many positives to an energy-star rated window, there is one major benefit most people look for when considering to replace their windows with new, energy-efficient ones. This benefit is the overall savings in heating and cooling bills.

The ability or lack of ability of your window to control heat loss, solar heat gain, how much air leaks and how much light is admitted into your home plays a huge part in affecting your energy savings.

Since these four components work together to provide the most energy-efficient window, they will also reduce the amount you spend on your energy bills.

ProVia ENERGY STAR Educational Program

ProVia developed the "Sammy the Star" ENERGY STAR Educational Program to teach children about the importance of saving energy, what the ENERGY STAR mark is, and how to measure energy costs. This program is approved for elementary students and contains learning books, coloring books, crayons, pencils, teacher‘s guide and optional EZ Wattage Reader for in-class demonstrations.

This marketing tool is valuable for ProVia‘s customers to promote co-branding, ProVia‘s energy saving products and ENERGY STAR. Take advantage of this marketing tool to get your business's brand image out into your community. Not only is this program excellent for education, but it can be used for 4-H projects, Business-to-Consumer Seminars, and Business-to-Business Seminars.


  1. Purchase and install ENERGY STAR® certified products beginning January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2021.

    Tax credit is for cost of product only - it does not include installation costs. Tax credit is for taxpayer's principal residence only.

  2. This act enables homeowners to receive a tax credit for 10% of the product cost or a maximum amount of $200 for qualifying windows and 10% of the product costs or a maximum amount of $500 for qualifying doors (cannot exceed $500 total tax credit).
If the homeowner has claimed a Non-business Energy Property Tax Credit of $500 or more in the 2006 through 2014 tax years, they are not eligible for this tax credit for 2015 or 2021.
  1. The homeowner may be required to have a Manufacturer’s Certification Statement to qualify for the tax credit. This is a signed statement from ProVia certifying that the product or component listed qualifies for the 2015-2021 tax credits.

    The taxpayer should keep a copy of this certification statement and purchase receipts for their records, but does not have to submit a copy with their tax return.