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Picture Windows

The name matches the function here: picture windows frame the outside view, providing a sort of living picture of the outdoors.

  • Architecture: Popular in a wide variety of house styles, picture windows are generally avoided when the exterior design is required to adhere to specific architecture styles like Victorian homes or mid-century ranches.
  • Exterior features: Because picture windows are stationary or “fixed,” they don’t interfere with landscaping or exterior features like decks or walkways.
  • Interior placement: Their stationary nature means picture windows can work well in any area of a home.
  • View: Picture windows provide an unparalleled view and are frequently used to great effect as a way to highlight special landscaping or sensational outdoor scenery.
  • Ventilation: By definition, picture windows don’t open and, therefore, provide no ventilation. If an unobstructed view and ventilation are required, picture windows can be configured with casement, double hung or awning windows to provide the best of both worlds.

Verdict: Picture windows provide abundant light and a spacious view, plus the benefits of home energy savings.