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Sliding Windows

Sliding windows, another favorite of mid-century design, operate like single or double hung windows but slide horizontally (left and right) instead of vertically (up and down). Sliders are available in several different configurations, such as two sashes that both slide or a stationary sash with one or more sashes that slide.

  • Architecture: Like casements, these custom replacement windows appear on a wide variety of homes but are ideally suited for sleek modern or contemporary designs. Sliders generally work well in spaces that are wider than they are tall.
  • Exterior features: Like double hung windows, sliders aren’t an impediment in areas with high outdoor foot traffic or with closely placed trees and shrubs.
  • Interior placement: This style is another great option for hard-to-reach spots like sinks and built-in bookcases.
  • View: Because the sides of the sashes overlap, sliders provide a more obstructed view than casements and awnings. But, because of their traditionally larger dimensions, sliders provide better views than standard double hung windows.
  • Ventilation: The overlapping sashes of sliders prevent as much airflow as casements and awnings provide, but the generally larger dimensions afford more ventilation than double hung windows do.

Verdict: These custom replacement windows are a great option for spaces where awnings and casements would interfere with exterior features but where more airflow is required than double hung windows can offer. Slider windows from ProVia are engineered to provide you with superior durability and ventilation